Custom made furniture

Bespoke furniture, furniture with inspiration. Let your home become really yours, not just a better copy of your neighbours.

kuhinja po meri
If you want to get maximum adaptability of the environment according to your lifestyle, habits and expectations custom furniture are excellent choices. The prerequisite for a well-designed custom furniture is an introductory meeting, where the needs and wishes of the client are placed in the "foreground". Based on the daily habits, hobbies ... the designer or architect will be drawn furniture tailored just for you. If you are a big fan of literature, but the  apartment does not have enough space for the library, then it will certainly be necessary to provide a sufficient number of the living room furniture (open type, closed, glass made or wooden, colourful. ... - the options are many, the important is, that you like it). We all know how important the desk where the student (alone or with companions) studies, does homework, .... desk should be large enough and durable.  It is best to achieve that by custom-made, taking full advantage of the spatial possibilities.

We offer Slovenian bespoke furniture so we can design the furniture and ambients into one whole: same materials are interweaving trough the whole house or apartment (inner doors and all other furniture – also bathroom furniture). Our carpenters produce high quality furniture at an affordable price. We  offers Slovenian custom furniture mainly because it indicates the great European quality.

If you custom furniture do not like, we offer a wide range of furniture manufacturers Slovenian and Italian, where on the basis of the consultation we offer the best solution for your home.

We are just after the border (Italy-Slovenia) in Nova Gorica. Call us - we will be happy to share with you our rich experiences in the field of design.

Complete solutions on one spot.